Winter storm warning and updates seattle USA

Winter storm warning National weather service Seattle USA

USA weather reports today: This news article delivers information on the winter storm warning Seattle USA weather reports of the national weather service. Read the full winter weather advisory here. The weather forecast predicted the expectation of no after midnight tonight and it will continue till Tuesday. Predicted total snow gathering from 2 to 4 inches along with the wind speed 30 m high with the blowing snow.
The following areas are affected namely Biggsdale, Greeley, Julesburg, Sterling, and Holyoke.
In such a situation, the roads may be slick and become dangerous to travel which could impact on morning Tuesday drive. The news statement said the motorist erw advise to take care while traveling.

As per the release on the official FEMA website, alerts for the winter storm have been issued by the regional NWS and the number of storms may differ by region. It said 4 or more inches of snow blowing is expected in the next 12 hours and may increase up to 6 inches. Expected also minor severity, observed certainty, urgency, etc.

It says to have an extra fog light or flashlight, extra food, and water in your vehicle if an emergency arises. or can call the 511 or visit the site

Tonight it has been forecasted snow, rain, and wind in the Seattle area.

This winter weather advisory will remain in effect from 1 pm today to 10 am Wednesday.

Will it snow in Seattle in December?

It is expected that in seattle in december, there may be snowfall. The state high today is 52 f and the low is 37F.

Will it snow in Seattle in 2023?

From November 2022 to October 2023 the winter climate condition may be milder having precipitation and snowfall.


This is a rare one.

Remember the snowiest month in the Seattle USA, is the january month

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