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Windham high school lockdown due to Mindless people. Live now

Breaking news now: Read now here the Windham Public school was announced to be on lockdown due to some gun incidents. As per the school superintendent, Tracy Youngberg reports. It says students were also dismissed on Wednesday . So the police has also now locked all the Windham public school for the further investigations.
And as per the Windham official nes report, it had already initiated lockdown around 8. 43 am in the morning.
This suspense is unlimited time and other public school are also informed to remain shut down.
The manchester high school aslope evacuated due to big threats of chemical things. And as per the matter, the eastern COnnecticut state university officials had undergone a shelter.
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ECSU has also been locked and shelter in place as per the school website .
As per the report of another USA news channel, the guardian who had not frop off their child are also directed not to do so till further notification is come out online.
This news came to social media first when the police posted on 8.30 am. And this is the caution that police helped the windham .

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