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tua taigovailoa injury at NFL thursday night football match cincinnati bengals vs dolphins

USA Sports live news today: Watch now the Miami Dolphin Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa exits after injury and is referred to a local hospital for cure in the Thursday night football match BETWEEN dolphins VS BENGALS. The Miami Dolphins QB Tua Taovailoa was admitted to the Cincinnati area hospital after injury in an ambulance. His neck got inured with a 25-15 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night match.

Read the full news now of what happened to Tua and why did he leave the game. Watch her live nes of the NFL 202 prediction, odds stats schedule of next match, and replay Games


Cincinnati Bengals scored 27 and Dolphins 15

NFL thursday night footbal 2022 score

Due to his extreme movement, it got nure him on the neck and now he has been discharged from the hospital and is ready to fly back to Miami

Head coach of Dolphin team sports team Mike McDaniel Stated that Tagovailoa is in concussion protocol.

The injury happened in the second quarter when Cincinnati Defensive Josh Tupou slung down him to the turf and that probably hit the back of his head. He was seen as a knockout in a boxing game and is termed a fencing response/.

Now the players Association will check if proper concussion protocol is followed or not.

Bengals vs DOlphins match stats and overviews

The passing of the Bengals J burrow and T Boyd, rushing of j Mixon, j burrow, and s perine.. Bengals had 371 total yards while the Dolphins had 378 yards and passing for Bengals is 304 while the dolphin had 293

What happened to Tua Tonight?

‘He had faced a scary head and neck injury and was admitted to the local hospital in the second quarter. This as happened when HE WAS SACKED BY Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle JOsh Topu BEFORE 6 minute of the ending time of the first half.

How long was He out with Broken ribs?

He had been hurt in th September 18 games against the Buffalo bills.

How many surgeries has Tua Tagovailoa had?

5 Total Surgeries

Who is Tua Tagovailoa?

He is an American Football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL national football league. He was born on march 2 1998, started playing college football in Alabama, and received also maxwell and Walter camp awards.

Schooling: The University of Alabama

What is Tua Tagovailoa Religion?

He is a Christian and a right-handed person

Salary: $7,568,860

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