How US consumer confidence index dropped for 3rd time. Read Now

USA breaking news: The United States or US consumer confidence index has dropped for the 3rd month.

As in July stats, it shows 95.7 as there was 98.4% in the June month 2022.

According to wall street economics, it said, the WSJ forecast went in vain.

There were many estimations around also and one which could be mentioned here is the key details on current economic condition drops to 141.3 in July as it was 141.2 in the prior month.

This may be the reason the recent inflation forecast becomes true and on the other side, the unemployment rate decreased in the USA.

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What do you think how this CPI rises above 8.3 % in April? As you know this consumer prices index is nothing but the Measure of common Change over a period of time in the cost paid by urban living consumers in the USA. While others are not benefitted the person with the fixed salary has benefitted.

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