Breaking news USA South west airlines shut down

Southwest Airlines keeps postponing flights as the holiday season approaches.

After a dismal week of weather-related flight cancellations and delays, American air travelers wishing for clear skies on Tuesday may have to wait a little longer — especially if they’re traveling with Southwest Airlines.

According to flight tracking website FlightAware, more than 2,892 flights inside, into, or out of the US had already been canceled for Tuesday as of 9 a.m. ET.

2,522 of those canceled flights are flown by Southwest.

Denver International Airport, Chicago Midway International, Baltimore/Washington International, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Dallas Love Field, and Nashville International are the airports most impacted by the cancellations on Tuesday.

The cancellations on Tuesday come after a heavy day of post-Christmas travel. Jordan said that the shortened schedule might be prolonged, according to

“Our day was challenging today.
We’ll probably have another challenging day tomorrow as we try to get out of this, “Jordan stated in an interview with on Monday night. “This is the biggest incident I’ve ever seen,” the witness declared.

Southwest was particularly heavily struck as a result of a series of problems.

When Covid and other winter illnesses were straining staff rosters, the storm hit two of its greatest hubs, Chicago and Denver.
Another reason cited is Southwest’s aggressive schedule and low investment. The nation-wide winter storm struck just as travellers were beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels during the Christmas week of flying.

Passenger Trisha Jones told CNN at the airport in Atlanta that she and her partner had been traveling for five days, trying to get home to Wichita, Kansas, after disembarking from a cruise at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After her flight out was canceled, she stayed with relatives then rerouted to Atlanta to pick up a connecting flight.

“We were fortunate, because we were in Fort Lauderdale — my family lives in the Tampa bay area so we were able to rent a car to go see my family for Christmas,” Jones said. “We’ve seen a lot of families who are sleeping on the floor, and it just breaks my heart.”

Calls made Monday afternoon by CNN to Southwest’s customer service did not go through, so customers couldn’t even get in the queue to speak to a representative. Southwest told CNN it is “fully staffed to answer calls.”

She stayed with family after her departure flight was cancelled, then took a different route to Atlanta to catch a connecting flight.

We had the good fortune to be in Fort Lauderdale while my family is in the Tampa Bay region, so we were able to rent a car and travel there for Christmas, according to Jones.
“It absolutely crushes my heart to see so many families sleeping on the floor,” the author said.

Customers could not even join the line to speak with a representative since calls made to Southwest’s customer service by CNN on Monday afternoon could not get through.
According to Southwest, it has “fully staffed call-answering capacity.”

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