seahawks vs broncos super bowl score 2022

Seattle Seahawks wins over Denver Broncos. Mailbag Opens now.

NFL championships: The Seattle Seahawks won against its rival Denver Broncos at a score of 1-0 in week 1 of the super bowl football. This is a big turnaround before the week 2 match begins in Santa Clara. As on Tuesday, the players get off, it has come time to open the mailbag and answer questions and queries from you.

The seahawk thanked everyone who asked questions and twitter to submit the question at seahawks/mailbag.

Hillberry asked ” what or who surprised you the most in last night’s game?

Debbie from Spokane asked” the fans moved out of line booing Russel Wilson, that reflects a show of port sportsmanship.

In the match Seahawks safety, Jamal Adams got a knee injury and need time to cure it, said Coach Pete Carroll

The moment adam got injured, he limped off the sports ground. Then was examined at the medical camp and stayed in the locker room. His coach said this is a severe injury of Adam’s Quadriceps tendon that was linked to the Quad muscle on top of the kneecap.

Before getting injured, he met three tackles with one pass defended. After him, Josh Jones comes into the football ground.

This reported Seahawks to become first place in the NFC west.

Watch now the seahawks vs broncos highlights or join the next match prediction live now.

Who won the super bowl 48 scores?

Seattle got 22-0 at halftime and rose to 36-0

Who did Seattle beat in the super bowl 2014?

in the year 2014, the Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos with a score of 43-8.

Which team has scored more than 40 points in a super bowl?

In the super bowl, the NFL matches San Francisco 49ers scored 55 points in super bowl XIV against the broncos in 1990. This made them the biggest blowout in the history of super bowl NFC.

Watch the match highlights now.

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