roger federer retiring from tennis sports world after laver cup london 2022

Roger Federer’s retiring after the Laver cup London. Watch Live now

This tennis sports news article delivers how and why Roger Federer announces retirement from the tennis tournament after the Laver cup 2022 London.

As we all know Roger Federer has been a swiss tennis player for many years, but today he announces the median retirement decision. The main reason why he take the decision to quit tennis is his health and age issues.

he is now 41 years old and his health tells indicates, that it has time to exit the tennis sports world.

In his sports career life, he had met injuries and surgeries too which is a big issue over it.

As per his video media reports, he had played more than 1500 matches over 24 years.

Roger Federer final ATP at laver cup London

As per the sports record, he has won 20 grand slam singles titles wot 8 at Wimbledon, and also 100 titles together.

He may be regarded as the no 1 ATP champion with 41 match win in a row.

He had also a record of winning 24 tournaments final round continuously since 2003

About his early childhood life, he started play g tennis at age of 8. he used to watch player play matches on tv that motivates him to become a successful ATP no 1 grand slam champions tennis player.

So after this man who had won 20 grand slam titles create more opportunities for Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

He also said this decision was bittersweet but will miss every tour on his sports life journey.

He also expressed a sentiment recommending Wishes the day would never come back.

And on Other news, Serena William also retired from the Tennis tournament on September 2 at the US open.

As you know in this game both physical and psychological actions are required. But while at old age period, this somehow shows lacking in every person.

In sports, practices had to be done morning, evening, and night for long hours and without good health and psychological thinking things also can’t get work out right.

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