Pennsylvania car accident

A Pennsylvania car crash killed 1 person and 17 injured. Watch live now

Pennsylvania car crash accident Berwick today took 1 life and 17 got an injury.

The accident occurred when a car crashes into a crowd who were fundraising for the fire victims in Berwick.

The police officer reported that they had caught the suspect also. This suspect had also another incident in the past as per the police record.

The main spot of the incident was at the Pennsylvania bar where many people gathered to raise funds the support the recent deadly fire that broke out

The injured person is now at the Geisinger hospital and it has been confirmed that more than 15 people are given health care services. While 4 people are still in critical condition

The local state police force is also now lined up at the toxicology dept bat Berwick, Pennsylvania, as reported by Trooper A. Petroski.

The report in the police statement was that ” a person drove into the crowd of a public event”

In another case, the Troopers arrested a man who was assaulting a woman in Nescopeck country. The person who drove at the crowd and this one is the same suspect as police reported on US news today media.

The Pennsylvania police have not put any charges now as Petrosky reported that the investigation process undergoing to know whether the suspect drove intentionally into the crowd.

Pennsylvania Car crash Investigation reports

The overall investigation process is very intelligent Police added.

A report by the Relian fire company no 1 at Berwick said the car crash accident scene causes the mass casualty on Saturday at the Pennsylvania bar.

Do you know this bar hosted the program the fundraiser for deadly house fire victims in Nescopeck recently? In the Deadly house fire, 10 people consisting including 3 children died. The investigation of the deadly house fire is still carrying on.

The current hospital at which the injured person is cured now comprises Geisinger Danville Hospital and Geisinger Wyoming valley, Bloomsburg

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