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One-liners: Alexi Cory-Smith, Skrillex, Lana Del Rey, and others. Watch now

USA News forum : Watch now latest breaking Lana del rey news update : Alexi Cory-Smith, a former executive at BMG UK, has officially established her new company, Bella Figura Music, and announced many deals that are already signed.
The company, which is supported by the private equity fund Freshstream, has bought a lot of rights over the past year from people like Guy Chambers, David Gray, and Darrell Brown.
Bella Figura calls itself “a purpose-built, artist-centric music firm, bringing together top technology and a relentless focus on creative brilliance” and includes Neelesh Prabhu, another former BMG executive.

Tyler Johnson, a pop producer and composer who frequently works with Harry Styles, has a deal with Influence Media.
The organisation that invests in music rights claims to have “invested in a varied repertoire of titles created by Johnson between 2012 and 2020.”
The artist himself continues, “These songs are incredibly important to me and I feel our deal reflects the importance of this collection that I have produced over the last ten years.

With songwriter, musician, and Bread singer David Gates and his publishing company Kipahulu Music Co., Sony Music Publishing has expanded its global admin cooperation.
According to Audrey Ashby of Sony Publishing, “Mr. Gates’s uplifting songs will enhance lives for centuries to come. We look forward to supporting his creative legacy.”

Dani Chavez has been elevated to the role of Senior Marketing Manager within the US music section of the management company YMU.
SuzAnn Brantner, head of marketing at YMU Music US, says she is “THRILLED” to promote Dani to senior marketing manager.
“She has demonstrated outstanding marketing abilities, creative flair, and a profound grasp of artists’ demands.”

Jon Pikus has been appointed as VP A&R/Business Development by music publisher Wixen in the US.
According to COO Andrew Wixen, “Jon is that special kind of creative who has been on both sides of the proverbial fence and can honestly relate in any setting, to artists, writers, and producers, as well as to managers, attorneys, and executives.”

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