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Morocco vs Portugal FIFA 2022 Quarter-final prediction who will win? Join the forum

Sports news update: Who will win the FIFA 2022 world cup Morocco vs Portugal live score updates? Watch now the full FIFA live FOOTBALL SCORE -streaming online news update of the World cup quarter-finals today match between Morocco and Portugal. Overview now the timeline, lineups, match stats, TV live streaming channel name, comment, or watch live updates. Score updates are live now: MOR VS POR 0-0. Read full news of date , time, and venue of the Playground or stadium name. December 10 at 7:30 pm USA TIME starts the match time at AI Thumana Stadium.

The winning probability of morocco is 14 % while that of the Portugal team is 57,%. However, no goals have been scored yet by the teams so far. Let’s me know your prediction here, start commenting now on this sports news forum and see the results at the end of the match.

For watching it you can switch to fuboTV or live streaming Tv cHANNEL OR SPORT 18 in the USA

The two teams had played two times before this and both had claimed the win also.

Stay updated with the to get the live score updates of the morocco vs Portugal FIFA 2022 world cup Qatar.

The catch has been started and here are the complete match stats live updates. As of now, morocco had 1 shot, 0 shots on target, 16% possession, and 16 passes while Portugal had 89 passes. 84 percent possession, 1 shot on target, and 1 shot

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What time is morocco vs Portugal?

ON day 21 of the tournament on 6 pm GMT 15:00 at THumama stadium, Qatar.

What do you think, who will win this match?

After Argentina enters the semi-finals along with Croatia, this is the time to see who enters Morocco vs Portugal to the semi-finals and wins the world cup.

Benched now Christiano Ronaldo for the Portugal football team in this FIFA world cup Qatar 2022 quarter-final match to be played at the AI THumama Stadium.

This is yet another time to change the history of the world cup this Saturday night. This is also yet the third time Portugal is on this stage after 1996, and 2006.

IN 2002, it lost to Uruguay in the round of 16.

In the lineups of today’s quarter-final match, in the morocco side, we have international football players Yassine bounce, achraf Hakimi, remain says, sofyan, Selim Ramallah, Jawad Ziyech, Yahya.

While for Portugal, team lineups include Diogo Costa, Dalot, Dias, Raphael Guerreiro, Joao Felix, Goncalo Ramos, etc. It has been in world cup football FIFA history morocco is the first Arab country not beaten in the last five years’ matches and they probability to win this quarter-final, if they won, it will become the first Arab country and African nation to reach the world cup semi-final.

As per the AL Jazeera news AI updates, it predicted Argentina may win the Qatar world cup 2022. If you like to comment on it, do it here.

Who is favored to win Morocco vs Portugal?

The caesars sports books listed Portugal as one hundred forty-five favorite. And what chances Portuga winning against morocco is that as per google data it shows t61 % chances of winning this quarter-final

How much the ticket cost?

$426 for quarter final matches in category 1 while $228 on category 2 but for the semi finals $956 and $659 for category1 and 2 respt.

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