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Minnesota Vikings vs Eagles Philadelphia Game recap

US NFC news 2022: Read now 2022 Minnesota Vikings lose to Philadelphia Eagles at score 24- 7. Watch now how the Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings. Injury reports include Jalen’s hurts, etc. Read here Vikings vs eagless odds, predictions, NFC Championships results, score updates, live discussion forum, etc.


  • Vikings vs Eagles NFC championship score
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  • What is the score? What channel is the eagles vs Vikings on?
  • How can I watch it online?
  • How many wins do the eagles have?

As per the eagle’s statement on the prime time with the victory of 24-7 on Monday night football at Lincoln Financial field.

It is all about celebration cheers with the eagles about the quarterback Jalen who was hurt in the match, He threw 333 yards on 26-31 passing. Opened the score also at his 11-pass attempt, which lead to set a new career.

This 2022 entering the season,, one big question comes over the Jonathan Gannon

In the first quarter, Devonta smith was targeted, miles sanders carry, Jalen hurts, Pascal had also 3rd down, etc.

What is the eagle’s Vikings’ score?

The score of the NFC championship 2022 of phi vs min IS 24-7, WHERE EAGLES DOMINATES THE GAME. It has also been reported that Jalen’s hurt in the match gave the eagles chances to victory.

To watch these games live, you can visit ABC WITH LAISHRAM PAKHANGBA NEWS TODAY LIVE, joe buck, troy Aikman provide analysis along with Lisa Salter and Sideline.

Where can you watch this sports alternate guide has been on youtube. Do you know the eagles had already won 14 division titles 11 in the NFC Test?

Where can I watch footbal?

For all football live updates, watch it on ESPN.

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