Drew Brees american football quarter back struck by lightning

NFL news: Drew Brees imitates a lightning strike. Live now

USA news today: Bringing NFL News of Drew brees lightning reports in a promotional advertisement. Join this Drew Brees discussion forum now here or read the complete news now. Do you know who is Drew Brees? His real name is drawn Christopher brees born January 15, 1979, in Dallas Texas, was an n American Footbal quarterback player in the NFL national football league for twenty seasons series. He was the second ranker in NFL career passing, and career pass competitions, holding consecutive touchdown pass.

Famous New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees staged a lightning strike as part of a marketing ploy for the betting firm PointsBet.

As of Friday around noon, a video clip that was uploaded to Twitter and depicts the suspected strike has received more than 1 million views.

Brees reaffirmed his good health in a subsequent video.

Famous New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees staged a lightning strike as part of a marketing ploy for the betting firm PointsBet.

In a short clip shared on Twitter on Friday, Brees can be seen recording an advertisement for PointsBet in the lightning-prone region of Catatumbo, Venezuela, when a bolt appears to strike him and cause the production to stop.

“We are aware of the media coverage about PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees,” said PointsBet in a statement. We are in touch with Brees’ team and will keep an eye on the situation over the next few hours. We won’t be adding any more commentary at this time. This two-word report on Brees from Nick Underhill of NewOrleansFootball.com is shockingly carefree: He is okay. The new commercial film for @PointBetUSA will be shot in a top-secret location, Brees tweeted on Monday, adding that he was “excited to be flying there later this week.”

It appears that the commercial was filmed near the Catatumbo River, which regularly experiences numerous lightning strikes.

It’s not obvious if anything was fabricated, manufactured, or edited. In a statement posted Friday morning, PointsBet steadfastly declined to confirm or refute the circumstance.

Earlier this week, Brees tweeted that he was “excited to be traveling to a top-secret location later this week to shoot the new promotional video for @PointsBetUSA.”

Brees’ representatives have been contacted for comment, but there has been no response as of yet.

School life: He started studying in Westlake Austin Texas at college due.

The awards Drew Brees NFL player achieved

Super Bowl champion MVP, xliv, NFL OFFENSIVE Player of the year in 2008, 2011, Walter Payton NFL man of the year in 2008 and 2011, Chicago Tribune Silver football in 2000

Maxwell Award in 2000, George Halas award, Bert Bell Award, etc

Childhood life of NFL Drew Brees

He was born on January 15, 1979, in Dallas, his father Eugene Wilson and MIna ruth’s mother died in 2009.

His grandfather fought the battle of Okinawa.

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