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Former “Eight Is Enough” child star Adam Rich passes away at age 54

America breaking news : Who died today in the USA?. Watch the breaking news update of Adam rich death in 2023 now. Adam Rich, a young actor best known for playing “America’s younger brother” on the television series Eight Is Enough, has passed away. Join this news forum ow to talk more about adam rich recent death news.
He was 54. According to Lt. Aimee Earl of the Los Angeles County Medical-Examiner Coroner’s office, Rich passed away on Saturday at his home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Although the reason for death was being looked into, it was not seen as suspicious. Watch the full Breakig news here

After appearing as Nicholas Bradford, the youngest of eight children, in the ABC blockbuster dramedy that aired from 1977 to 1981, Rich had a limited acting career.

He repeatedly experienced drug- and alcohol-related run-ins with the law and sought treatment at the Betty Ford Center. According to publicist Danny Deraney, Rich battled a form of depression that resisted therapy and wanted to remove the stigma associated with discussing mental illness.
Over time, he attempted many experimental treatments without results.

Deraney claimed that they were concerned when they couldn’t get in touch with Rich in recent weeks.

According to Deraney, “He was simply a very lovely, generous, loving soul.”
“He had no ego, not an ounce of it. Being a famous actor was not necessarily what he wanted to be.”

Rich shared information about his mental health on Twitter and revealed that he had been sober for seven years in October.
He admitted that he wasn’t perfect and mentioned his numerous arrests, stays in rehab, overdoses, and “countless detoxes (and) relapses.”

Rich tweeted in September that “human beings weren’t intended to tolerate mental illness.”
“It’s absurd that some people think those folks are weak or lack willpower because the complete opposite is true!
A very, very strong person—a warrior, if you will—is required to combat such conditions.”

Rich uploaded a photo of himself with former kid star Mickey Rooney during his glory days.

He tweeted, “Everyone used to tell me, ‘You are the modern day Mickey Rooney.
But it meant a helluva lot more to me when Mickey Rooney said it to me directly!

Rich took part in a fabrication that Might magazine published nearly 27 years ago about the actor being slain in a heist outside a Los Angeles restaurant.

Rich was a two-time winner and three-time candidate at the Young Artists Awards during the 1977–1981 duration of the programme.
In 1980, Rich won a prize for being the finest child actor in a TV show or special.
In 1981, he received a prize for being the finest young actor in a television series.

In 1983, Rich was nominated for best young actor in a drama series at the Young Artist Awards after landing a recurring role as aspiring firefighter Danny Blake in ABC’s “Code Red.”
Soon after, Rich appeared in the five-episode anthology series “CBS Children’s Mystery Theatre,” for which he was again nominated for a Young Artist Award as the best young actor in a drama.

Rich appeared in shows like “Fantasy Island,” “CHiPs,” “St. Elsewhere,” “Silver Spoons,” “Small Wonder,” “Baywatch,” and “Reel Comedy,” which was his final endeavour in 2003. He was also a voice actor for the 1983 “Dungeons & Dragons” series.

Rich was born on October 12, 1968, and raised in the Los Angeles community of Granada Hills, however, he didn’t start taking acting seriously until his senior year of high school.
With a little part in the 1976 television series “The Six Million Dollar Man,” Rich made his acting debut.

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