twitter layoff started by sending emails by elon musk

Elon musk started Twitter layoffs by sending emails to employees.

USA breaking news: The twitter layoffs started as Tesla CEO Elon Musk started sending emails to employees about the layoffs. you might have heard also that the social media platform Twitter is now completely owned by Elon Musk and it has announced to reduce the number of employees to half.

What is Twitter doing for layoffs?

This announcement was sent to all Twitter employees via email. The email said ” today is your last working day at the company” with the subject in the mail as ” your role at Twitter”

This could impact 50 percent staff of the twitter companies and it has also been announced that those who were laid off will be employed and gets compensation benefits until the start of January week 2023.

And the employees who were been layoff will be locked out of the Twitter systems and mail slack.

And within the coming week, they might also receive a nonnegotiable severance offer and during this time they can hand in their company badges and laptop or computers

In th email received the employees who were laid off contain a Q & A stating the severance could not be negotiated individually.

As per NPR News today, Twitter employees were off as Elon musk’s takeover the Twitter occurred. According to Barry C white, the California EMployment development Department spokesperson said it has not received any recent notification from Twitter.

For this matter, a lawsuit class action has been filed on Thursday in San Francisco because of one employee who was laid off and others locked out of work. The case file statement mentioned twitter violating the law by not providing proper information about the required notice.

The federal worker Adjustment and retraining notification WARN act said it requires dance notice for mass layoffs or shutting down of plants to employees

How many employees are twitter laying off?

It is 7500 employees to be layoff since the acquisition of Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon musk. This includes the firing of top executives of the company including Parag Agrawal as well as the Vijaya Gadde

How many people work for Twitter?

Half the 7500 employees according to the Bloomberg news updates.

What is a mass layoff under the WARN Act?

It said 50 employees are laid off during the 30-day period time

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