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East Bay is startled awake by a 3.6 magnitude earthquake.

The Cerro — Early on Saturday, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake along the Hayward fault shook the Berkeley hills, waking up East Bay residents. The epicentre of the earthquake, which occurred at 3:39 in the morning, was located in El Cerrito’s Hillside Natural Area. Read more

No damage was immediately reported.

The USGS first recorded the earthquake as a 4.0, however it was immediately reduced.
The temblor was still felt throughout the Bay Area, although Berkeley felt it the most strongly.

“Yup. After the earthquake, everyone in Berkeley is suddenly fully awake.
difficult to fall asleep again, “On the Berkeley Lab twitter feed, eveblossom made a post. Yes, Pamela Davis said, “It was really strong.”

The earthquake struck at the Hayward fault, which passes through the East Bay hills, densely populated neighborhoods, the UC Berkeley campus, and Memorial Stadium.

On October 21, 1868, the fault experienced its last significant earthquake, which completely destroyed downtown Hayward and left 30 people injured.
Its estimated magnitude of 6.8 resulted in devastation all across the region.

Millions of homes have been constructed since that earthquake, and people have relocated into areas that cross the fault line.The Hayward fault, which runs through the East Bay hills, crowded neighborhoods, the UC Berkeley campus, and Memorial Stadium, was where the earthquake occurred.

The fault experienced its final severe earthquake on October 21, 1868, which entirely destroyed downtown Hayward and injured 30 people.

Devastation spread throughout the region as a result of its estimated magnitude of 6.8.

Has a 7.0 earthquake ever occurred in California?

The Gorda Basin or Humboldt earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.0 (ML), took place on November 8, 1980, off the coast of Humboldt County.
Six people suffered injuries, and days-long aftershocks were experienced.
Parts of California, Oregon, and Nevada all felt the effects of the earthquake.

Where did today’s earthquake in California register at 6.0?

Earthquake • San Francisco Bay Area • El Cerrito image

The American state of California saw its greatest earthquake:

United States: California; Ferndale; today: 2.9
3.4 in Soledad, California, USA, this week.
6.2 in Las Brisas, Baja California, Mexico, this month.

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