Day of Dead Celebration 2022

Day of dead Celebration in Mexico and Latin American Countries. Watch live now

This USA news article delivers the 2-day celebration details of the Day of dead by Mexicans and other Latin American countries in 2022. The day of the dead celebration is also called the Dia De Muertos, and it pays homage to deceased souls of family members. This celebration has been a celebration in memory and honoring family members who left this beautiful world.

Every year on Wednesday 2 the celebration has been seen observing in various latin American countries.

On this joy-filled occasion, adults and children are seen wearing dreses like a skeleton. Generally, this celebration occurs in ending of October and start of the November month in the AMerica and Mexico

And it is been believed that during this occasion or on this Dia de Muertos, family embers can feel in close spiritual contact with the deceased ones.

It has been also reported that there have been no records of how and when this festival first time originated but belive to be rooted in the Agricultural relate beliefs from the Mexico pre-Hispanic era. Andres Median who is a researcher at the Anthropological research institute of the national autonomous university of Mexico country also expressed the same idea as said above.

The skeleton represents of symbolizes mainly this day of customs and makeup. This resembles the idea of seed germinating under the soil, dead is also temporary and it returns annually like the annual harvest.

There is still an evolution of this celebration in the USA and Mexican countries.

What does a day of the dead celebrate?

The day of the dead celebrates with styles combining the ancient Aztec custom. This was the invasion of Spanish that brought it to Mexico which has been believed to e started in the 1500s.

What countries celebrate the day of the dead?

AS per the nytimes news report, the USA, IT says the festival is observed in Mexican and catholic countries around the world.

Is the day of the dead supposed to be happy?

It can be procalaimed as a most joy-filled celebration rather than sad mourning.

What food is eaten on this day?

Check out the list of the food items mostly eaten by people on this day here. The sugar skulls which is although not created to eat but sympbolizeds the theme of the events.

Pan de Muertos, Mole Negro, Taales, Red Pozole, SOa Azteca, Chaphulines, and calabaza en tacha are the commonly eaten food items on this joy-filled special day.

What are skulls important to this day?

As you know, it honors or memorizes the de, the skulls gave a living sign to people even when the loved ones are gone.

5 facts about this festival

  • Recognized by UNESCO
  • Rich history
  • Altars
  • Have skulls
  • Female icon
  • Customes Decorations

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