Cryptocurrency News Update 2022 for investment and List of Crypto scammers details

Read now daily cryptocurrency news for investment, know which companies are scams, and many more about blockchain technologies in the USA. Read this full crypto guide to know more about what type of investment or mining platforms are legit and which are not. Know here more about bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dodge coin, usdt, usdc, etc.


  • Fake call centers busted in India including 3 from Manipur
  • Smart contract Defi liquidity mining scam
  • Bitcoin crashes in 2022

Fake call center busted in Gurgaon India including 3 Manipuri

A fake call center has been arrested in Gurgaon by police today. The report says the fake call center is involved in allegedly Duping US nationals using cryptocurrency to provide funds.

A total of 9 persons were arrested which 3 are from the Manipur

Arrested person names are Satendra alias sam, Anki’s Sachdeva, Delhi, ABHISAWAN SABHARWAL, EKLAVYA, VISHAL VISHWAKARMA UP, Thomshang, CHOKHAUNI, MAGOI GANGLUI, ETC. However, the names of these three Manipuri are hidden only using the sir names and that’s impossible to know them. We the public also know such people to avoid them when they as for finance management schemes like the trending color prediction games.

Nowadays around the world scammer are always behind you looking for vulnerabilities and stealing your money.

So we suggest dont join any investment plan if you dont know what are they. Beware also of this wesbte called which is run by a girl called jing Chen who is a Birmingham watercolor society member. This website is also run by an Indian GUY WHOSE YOUTUBE CHANNEL ID NAME IS pseb study hall.

The let form of scamming is the pig butchering. Know more how people can pig biuthcerd you very easilyy in 2022.

Biggest crypto scammer in Birmingham UK JIngchen a member of the Birmingham art society now