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2022 CPI USA inflation rise to 9.1 % as the stock falls. Watch Now

USA breaking news: The CPI USA Inflation reports 2022: The report of inflation in the United States of America goes higher in June months 2022 and also reached 9.1%. Professional economists and financial analysts stated that it could be an effect of the stock market falls.

In the Report of USA today, prices of commodities rose to 9.1 % in June month including rent costs, gas refill and booking fees, food buying, etc. This rose in inflation reflects a big rate hike in America today.
IN the headlines today, it reported this is the largest HIKE after 41 years, since 1981. Experts also reported that the consumer price statistics go in 1.3 percent per month rise as compared to the previous May month 2022. S&P 500 goes down by 37 point

What causes US inflation 2022?

The reason behind the inflation as per experts and new media is that of prices of gasoline increased. Grocery was also seen price rises, These shows both the food items and gas prices increase in a very short interval of time

Will this rate in food prices decreases?

Since after the effect of the market stock price, and consumer commodity price hike, a wells Fargo economist stated its prices had already been disturbed. Another reporter of Barclays stated on media that it’s one main causing agency would be the high prices of fertilizers. As farmers start investing more money in fertilizers, automatically m the food cost will go up.

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