coolio hip hop gangsta paradise rapper dies at 59

Coolio Gangsta Paradise rapper died at 59

USA: This news article delivers the latest Coolio Gangsta Paradise died at age 59, died on 28 September Wednesday, 2022. He had earned the biggest name in the hip hop biggest names of 1990.

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Bringing now the Los ranges latest coolio news. He was a rapper who had also earned a big name in the hip hop music world in the 1990s with its hottest songs Gangsta paradise and fantastic Voyage.
Sad but true, his managers reported he expired on Wednesday. Read more news at BBC now
His real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr and he expired in Los Angeles at a friend’s house who is a manager JareZ Posey
However still now the cause of the death is not clear. In his career, he had been nominated for 5 Grammys also since the 1980s

Where was coolio born?

He was born in Monessen, Pennsylvania located in the south of Pittsburgh. Then he moved to Compton, California where he had been admitted to Community college.
He also worked as a firefighter as a volunteer and in airport security jobs also before taking the entrance to the Hip hop music world.
His career in the hip hop music world tried with a 1994 album on Tommy boy records “It Takes a thief and its opening track the fantastic voyage would no3 at top Billboard Hot 100.
Soon after the release of the gangsta paradise, it becomes hot and the opening lyrics were like this
” As I walk Through the valley of the shadow of death, I took a look at my life and not much left, ’cause I’ve been blasting and laughing so long, that even my mama thinks that my mind is gone. Do you know coolies was a great rapper?
The law enforcement agency sources said no TMZ drugs or Praphernalia were observed at coolie’s death.
The police have now opened a death investigation to find the culprits or if it happens due to a stroke. The news source said it might be because of a heart attack as his manager said to Los Angeles police.
He is married to Josefa Salinas

It is yet a great loss for the hip hop world, but we will still remember his no 1 hit songs ever. According to CN reports, Los Angeles fire department Erik Scott reported of paramedics and firefighters responded to a call on 290 South Chesapeake Ave at around 4 pm.

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