Club Q colorado spring shooting incident killed 5 person. Anderson lee aldrich arrested

USA Colorado spring shooting killed 5 people at an LGBTQ nightclub Club Q. Live now

USA Breaking news: Watch now live breaking colorado spring shooting incident news live updates here or join the live discussion forum to talk about why massive shooting incidents are happening in colorado in this year’s 2022 as more than 560 cases. In a very sad incident today, a gunman of 22 years old killed 5 people at LGBTQ restaurants in Colorado springs shooting at club Q night club today in front of the sponsors, says a police report. The incident reported the injury of 25 other people who were there on the spot I the LGBTQ party. The sad shooting incident occurred at Club Q and the suspect is identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich Chief Adrian Vasquez reported online. Watch the live updates of more breaking USA NEWS here

Colorado USA breaking News now

Club Q is a gay nightclub in the USA. Read more about the colorado spring shooting incident
It has been also reported on that day there was a program for punk and alternative rock concerts followed by a dance party in the Saturday events. However, the official website of club Q says it will be closed until further notification.
Gov Jared Polis ordered now to lower the flags to half staff at public buildings statewide to remember and pay respect to the 5 people who lost their lives and victims of the incident. And for the next five days, the polis primavera Adm will be flying the pride flag at the colorado state capital. There had been also a past incident that happened same like it on Florida in 2016 where an attack was done at th LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
This place colorado in the USA had also another tragic history of the 1999 shooting in Columbine high school, the 2012 aurora movie theatre shooting,

This CLub Q is a safer place for the LGBTQ community?

Let’s know more about colorado springs which is a home of 500,000 residents comprising military, family, and conservative Christian group, etc that says homosexuality and same-sex marriage is sins. The place CLub Q has now felt the un saltines after 5 people were shot dead. Vasquez also said that club q is a safer place for he LGBTQ citizens in America and everyone ahs a right to feel the safety and secure in the city
Joe Biden the president of America stated on such deadly shootings in colorado Springs that the scenario of attacks on the LGBTQ + community has been seen as horrific in recent years. Using of weapons and violence in such communities has been rising in American history.
Two patrons in the incident saw the suspects, the man who opened fire at Club Q.
Sad to see Tyler Johnston and Keenan masts holmes, Las pretzels paid also respect at the memorial on the killing of 5 people in CLUB Q.
A patron was seen grabbing a handgun from the shooter, NPR reported.
Soon after the shooting happened, the police got called at 11:57 pm local time as Lt Pamela Castro, the Colorado springs police department spokesperson reported on media.
Joshua Thurman aged 34 said he was at the restaurant for celebrating his birthday party on Saturday night and a shooting sound was heard while they were dancing.

Who is the suspect of coorado spring shooting 2022?

Anderson lee Aldric is the main suspect in this incident. Earlier before this person has the same crime record in 2021 as per the Washington Post news report.

Questions from different angles also came up asking whether the law enforcement officials had aware of warning signs or not.

The police said on media that the suspect is in police custody now. The suspect Aldrich had several addresses in colorado and texas. The most recent one is COlorado springs where he was registered as a voter, living at 9815 Rubicon Dr.

According to a CNN news report, more than 600 mass shootings in the USA recorded so far in 2022.

How the shooting incident unfolded?

A person Joshua Thurman said the Newstodaylive360 that he was inside the club and heard the muzzle flash and gunshots, however, they kept on dancing. He furthermore said after the gunshot, people started crying, windows were broken and customers ran to the dressing room to hide. But soon after the shooting happened, police receive a 911 call at 11.56, and officers were dispatched at also 11.57 pm .

When he came out of the club the dead bodies were lying on the club

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Join the live USA news forum to discuss now how and why the colorado shooting incident occurred, how many people died on the spot, and How Joe Biden and the police reacted. If you have any ideas or want to talk o the Club Q nightclub Florida incident, then comment down below what is your opinion. What do you think, whether a gunman should do this in the USA?

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