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Chicago weather: By Christmas, a significant winter storm could dump more than a foot of snow.

Chicago weather reports: A severe winter storm with the potential to drop up to a foot of snow before Christmas is predicted for Chicago this week, according to the weather report.

From 6 p.m. on Thursday through 6 a.m. on Saturday, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire Chicago metropolitan region and northwest Indiana.

According to the most recent forecast, the storm might start off as a wintry mix or perhaps some rain on Thursday afternoon before turning into persistent snow Thursday night and lasting through Friday.

WATCH | Chicago weather forecast for the next 7 days

When the snow is falling the hardest, high winds of over 55 mph are predicted, according to Mowry, who also predicted that the Winter Storm Watch would be changed to a Winter Storm Warning or Blizzard Warning later in the week.

The blowing snow, which will impair visibility, will be a worry in addition to the snow that is already falling, according to Mowry.
There is a chance of power outages from Thursday night into Friday morning because of the severe winds.

Winter’s first week is marked by snowfall and extremely low temperatures.

According to Mowry, there would be “very difficult to impossible travel from Thursday night through the day on Friday” as a result of the heavy snowfall and strong winds.

In addition, temperatures will plummet throughout the weekend, dropping from the teens on Friday to the single digits due to strong winds.
According to Mowry, wind chills on Friday will start out between -20 and -30 and remain well below zero throughout the day.

Before Christmas, a Winter Snowstorm Will Bring Freezing Temperatures and a Chance of Blizzard-Like Conditions.

How Much Snow Could We Get?

The exact storm route is still unknown, but models indicate that heavy snow will fall all day Thursday, with rising gusts and a drop in temperature later in the day.

The NBC 5 Storm Team says it’s too early in the week to make precise snowfall estimates.
However, Friday’s probable blizzard conditions could be brought on by heavy flurries combined with gusty, blowing snow and possibly lake-effect intensification.

According to the National Weather Service, dangerous driving conditions are anticipated from Thursday through Saturday, with the worst conditions expected from Thursday evening through Friday evening.
Models predict that the most dangerous conditions will be high, gusty winds and extremely cold temperatures, which could lead to power outages.

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