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Can the resurgence of the Warriors and Lakers be kept up with by the Celtics and Nuggets?

Apart from Luka Doncic’s historic performance, the two conferences’ top clubs in the NBA continued their winning ways. The Boston Celtics play in the East. The Denver Nuggets represent the West.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who are perhaps the finest shooting tandem in the NBA, continue to inspire Boston, which was no match for the inconsistent Houston Rockets (126-102).

The Western Nuggets are having a great season. They have won five straight games, and they did not require the most devastating performance against the Sacramento Kings (106–113).
Jokic’s final assault in the third session and his 20+11+9 point total shifted the balance.
Porter Jr.’s 30 points demonstrated his importance.

As the Golden State Warriors continue to accumulate streaks sans Stephen Curry, the West Coast has also undergone a continuous awakening.
Despite having the greatest home record in the NBA (14-2), the winners must ensure that the underperforming players gain confidence.

The Lakers are another option.
On Christmas Day, their 51 points in the third quarter appeared to put an end to the season, but they have become stronger as a result of that weakness.
Still in full-throttle mode, LeBron James scored 28 points, helped by Russell Westbrook’s triple-double of 15+13+13.
They are three points away from the Play-IN and now 14-20 in the standings.

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More than halfway through the NBA season of 2018–19, and the Boston Celtics aren’t performing as we anticipated.

With a record of 25-18 and the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference going into Wednesday, the Celtics.
That’s a major letdown considering they were picked to win the conference going into the season.

A critical test will be presented to Boston on Wednesday night when they host the Toronto Raptors, who are seven games ahead of them in the East standings.
We’ll rank the 16 teams (eight from each conference) that would make the playoffs if the season ended today with that contest in mind.

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