mount dora florida killings caught

Brutal facts of a couple’s murder in Mount Dora have been revealed.

USA news today: Join this live news discussion forum to talk more about the mount dora Florida killings incident and arrest. The alleged murders of two elderly residents at a senior living facility on New Year’s Eve in Mount Dora, Florida, are the subject of recently released documents that reveal new details and information, including how the couple may have died and how authorities were able to locate the alleged suspect in Georgia. Read more

The arrest complaint states that Darryl Getman, 83, and Sharon Getman, 80, were found dead inside their home following what seems to be a vicious and seemingly random attack. According to the report, Sharon and Darryl both suffered critical injuries to their heads, faces, and stomachs.

According to an affidavit, a woman’s handprint at the murder site connected her to the deaths of an elderly couple in Florida.
According to an arrest document obtained by WESH, a lady was connected to the murder of a Florida elderly couple by a handprint discovered at the site. According to Mount Dora police, on New Year’s Eve, Darryl Getman, 83, and Sharon Getman, 80, were fatally stabbed in their home in a Mount Dora senior living facility.

Vickie Williams, 50, was accused of killing the couple on Monday.

The Getmans’ remains were located at the house with several stab wounds, according to an affidavit. After a Florida couple was killed in a senior living complex, a woman was charged with murder. According to the TV station, Darryl Getman also had defensive wounds, and Sharon Getman’s pocketbook and phone were reportedly missing.

According to reports, police allegedly used Sharon Getman’s cell phone to ping sites in Georgia, where Williams was apprehended.

A handprint discovered at the scene, according to the news station, connected Williams to the couple’s deaths, according to the affidavit. Additionally, there were bloody tracks on the floor, according to the investigators, which appeared to belong to a woman.According to WESH, when police apprehended Williams, she claimed she had never been to Florida and that someone had given her the victims’ cars.

Williams was allegedly escorted off the grounds of the senior living facility on December 30, according to Mount Dora police, but she allegedly knocked on a resident’s door hours later seeking to take a shower.

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