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After a powerful earthquake shakes northern California, many are said to be without power.

US Earthquake news today: According to the US Geological Survey reports, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake slammed the Eureka region of Northern California early on Tuesday. It jolted people out of their sleep, left thousands without electricity, and damaged at least one bridge. Read full news or join the forum discussion now

According to the survey, the earthquake occurred at 2:34 a.m. Pacific Time, was centered 7.5 miles off the coast of Ferndale, a city in Humboldt County. It is around a 20-mile drive from Eureka and a 280-mile drive from Sacramento to get there.

Breaking News: Northern California is shaken by an earthquake

Early on Tuesday, the majority of homes and businesses in Humboldt County lacked electricity.
More than 71,000 outages were reported shortly after 4:30 a.m. PT – out of 99,000 customers tracked in the county

In Eureka, Wendy Pickett Monolias awoke to tremble. “After the shaking subsided, we grabbed our phones and torches to have a look around. Everything was a complete mess. said Pickett Monolias.
“Things that you wouldn’t have expected to break or fall over did. The bathroom’s entire cabinet toppled over and was completely destroyed. Caroline Titus’ home in the Ferndale neighborhood was damaged by the earthquake, as seen in a video she shared on Twitter. It was a major one.
Now there is no power. The home is a complete disaster, Titus wrote. According to the California Highway Patrol, the earthquake left cracks in a bridge in Ferndale and debris on its roadway. According to CNN station KRCR, police closed the crossing. More than 20 smaller but equally strong earthquakes.

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State Senator Mike McGuire posted on Twitter that Highways 101 and 299 were still open in Humboldt County and that transportation officials were inspecting the state’s roadway infrastructure.

Jimmy Eller, a Twitter user from Humboldt County, claimed the earthquake was “crazy.”
“About 15 to 20 seconds of trembling.” According to the USGS, which utilises a seismometer to record the timing, position, and magnitude of a tremor, the earthquake generated significant shaking and most likely resulted in minor to moderate damage.
The strength of an earthquake is influenced by the geology of the area, its direction, and how close it is to a fault. According to recent data, there were about five earthquakes in California and Nevada per year with magnitudes between 6.0 and 7.0, the Los Angeles Times stated.

The USGS said online that more than 3,500 people told them they felt the earthquake and the more than a dozen aftershocks that followed it.

The editor and publisher of The Ferndale Enterprise, Caroline Titus, tweeted a video of furniture that had fallen and household goods that were all over the floor. According to the electric grid monitoring website, more than 72,000 homes and businesses in Ferndale and the neighbouring Humboldt County were without power.The majority of the state’s electrical system is supervised by the California Independent System Operator, which issued

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