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According to Bam Margera, he had a seizure during the Covid struggle and was subsequently “declared dead.”

USA bam margera news forum : Following a recent hospitalizationfor Covid-19, Bam Margera is now getting better.

For a recent episode of the “Wild Ride” podcast, Margera spoke with his old “Jackass” co-star Steve-O.
The two discussed Margera’s health scare from last month. On December 8, I was basically declared dead, Margera recalled. “I had nasty Covid and my body was shutting down, but I was unaware of it.
I experienced four seizures that lasted between ten and twenty minutes each. I chewed my tongue so hard on the fourth one that it was almost missing. It became so huge and swollen that it would not fit in my mouth.

Margera claimed he couldn’t remember the seizures or what happened after.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was having my seventh seizure and was unable to breathe without a tube down my throat.
I thought I was only there for a few hours when I woke up five days later. I stayed there for eight days,” he admitted.

Steve-O recalls being concerned for Margera’s safety.

Margera claimed that after that, he went to the hospital, where he had his fifth seizure and required intubation. He claimed that he “wake up five days later believing I was there for a few hours,” but he really stayed in the hospital for eight days.

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O rejoin for the “more mature” movie “Jackass Forever.”

Right, I see. On December 10, Margera’s family posted on his Instagram page about his health scare, saying: “Bam is on the path to recovery and thankfully will be discharged shortly.” After some time, Margera published a picture with the caption: “I’m out! I appreciate the love, support, and prayers from my family, friends, and you.” The “Jackass” franchise actor Steve-O recalls hearing the TMZ report regarding.

He said in jest that he immediately thought, “Bam better not pass away, man.
My tour will be ruined by him.
Everything will be ruined by him.”

He then explained, though: “Although I’m kind of being humorous and entertaining, there is some truth in what I’m saying.
The main factor is that Bam is still alive.”

The “Bucket List” tour, a multimedia stand-up comedy act featuring Steve-outrageous O’s stunts, begins in the United States this month and moves to Canada in the middle of February.

He said on Instagram on Thursday that Margera will accompany him on the tour and open his performances, which would take place from January 20 to January 29.

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